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Lets Talk Stone....

March 13, 2017

One of the biggest conversations we have with clients is the discussion of granite or marble over quartz or vise versa!  Lets be fair each of them have their own beautiful qualities but quartz is a new player in the game and with that people aren't quite sure if it's the route for them and if it will fit into their overall design .... and budget, lets be real!  Granite is one of the strongest most durable stones and that's why over the years it seemed to be everyones go to.... well that was until quartz came into play!  One of the best design features of quartz is that some colors and styles mimic natural stone and since us humans are creating most of it, there's a lot more room for control over each slabs veining and color.  Especially for the perfectionist in some of us, natural stone sometimes has veining or color imperfections we can't seem to get over come slab tagging day.  BUT on the other hand natural stone has its own unique beauty that we love for that exact reason, no two slabs will ever be the same.  Thanks mother nature! What's your stone preference?  When it comes down to durability, maintenance and cost they are both comparable so don't let something new on the market scare you, the options are truly endless!



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September 11, 2019

November 22, 2018

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